Congratulations on your decision to apply for certification as a drug and alcohol program professional. The credential is awarded by CCDAPP, an independent nonprofit corporation dedicated to enhancing the quality and level of professional knowledge of individuals providing drug and alcohol testing program services to the public.


Download and review the CSAPA or CDAPA Information Guide and Application Package using the links provided below. Assess your eligibility to apply for certification, based on the CCDAPP standards of "minimum competence" found in the Information Guides. Complete the application package and gather the required documentation of experience. Should you have any questions regarding the application process, please use the email submittal form below or call CCDAPP directly: (443) 906-6061.
CSAPAs are generalists, working with multiple federally-mandated testing programs.

CDAPAs are those with experience working with testing programs in one particular modality (Motor Carrier, Pipeline, Transit, Aviation, Rail or USCG)

Certification/Recertification Approval Guidelines for either CSAPA or CDAPA - Continuing Education


The CSAPA examination consists of 150 questions in multiple choice format, covering seven major content areas. The certification examination is designed to emphasize basic knowledge and judgment and how that knowledge is applied. Because the body of regulations in this area is so great, the operating administrations of the Department of Transportation that are most frequently encountered will be emphasized. Likewise, the entire examination is approximately focused according to the following:

  • Federal Regulations 25%
  • Modal Items 20%
  • Collection 15%
  • MRO 10%
  • Laboratory 10%
  • Alcohol Testing 10%
  • SAP/miscellaneous 10%

The focused, industry-specific exams (such as CDAPA-Aviation, CDAPA-Transit & CDAPA-Motor Carrier), consist of 100 questions in multiple choice format, covering content specific to the modal environment in addition to specimen collection, MRO, SAP, and laboratory items.


All exams are now available online! CCDAPP uses a live, web-based proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete their assessment exam at home or at work, while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the sponsoring institution.

In addition to the online exam, CCDAPP also offers proctored exams at various locations throughout the US and in coordination with industry conferences (such as SAPAA, NDASA, DATIA and the FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Conference). In addition, some CCDAPP Commissioners may be available to proctor your exam if located near you (if you are unable to take the on-line exam). To inquire about exam-taking opportunities during industry events, please submit an inquiry via email.