Study Guide & Desktop Reference for Substance Abuse Program Administrators

The 2020 Study Guide is a compilation of the most pertinent laws, regulations and rules governing drug and alcohol testing in the United States. It has been extensively cross-referenced with a table-of-contents and search functions to make it easy to find information and quickly navigate back and forth between topics. The current edition is an 899 page PDF file.

©2020-2021 CCDAPP – Study Guide & Desktop Reference version 2020.2 March 15, 2020 contains updated FMCSA Clearinghouse regulations 49CFR382 Part G and HHS Laboratory Oral Fluid regulations.

This guide is available to applicants for certification after submitting an application. Contact CCDAPP for your password. Yearly updates are also available to persons currently certified or recertified by CCDAPP as a benefit. Others may obtain a copy for a fee of $150. Contact CCDAPP for your password.

This is an 8.2 MB downloadable Adobe Acrobat file. After downloading please save to your hard drive for later use. Please remember to read page 2 for helpful information on how to quickly navigate through the document.

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